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MediaLumapharm making headlines.

Elevate Magazine

WINNING!Sept. 29th, 2016

DERMAQUEST's Essential B5 Hydrating Serum takes home the coveted Award for best moisturizing serum by DERMASCOPE Magazine 2016 Aesthetic Choice Awards!

Elevate Magazine

Marie Claire MagazineSept. 1, 2016

Dermatologist Justine Hextall talks to Marie Claire Magazine about her top 9 must haves and recommends DermaQuest award winning Essential B5 Serum to her clients!

Read the full article: http://www.marieclaire.co.uk/…/9-things-dermatologists-can.

Elevate Magazine

Huffington Post Canada | Not All Natural Beauty Products Are Made EqualMarch 2016

As the old adage goes, beauty is more than skin deep. This is true for both the reason that there's more to a person than what we see on the outside and because when it comes to maintaining our looks, we must take care of our body from within in order for our beauty to radiate on the outside...


Elevate Magazine

WINNER | Best Advanced Eye Product2016

DermaQuest 3D Eye Lift wins best advanced eye product.

Elevate Magazine

Elevate Magazine | Start Off SlowlyMarch 2016

Tatler Magazine

Tatler Magazine | Jemma Kidd
March 2016

Real Styyle Magazine

Real Style Magazine | Spot the DifferenceWinter 2015 / 2016

Fountain of Youth

Fresh | Fountain of YouthSeptember / October 2015

Assignment Fashion

Assignment Fashion | Beauty Report DermaQuestJuly 2015

Living Better

Introducing the ingredient that will transform skincare in 2015.by Marie Bertrand on July 14, 2015

As a microbiologist and skin expert having performed thousands of skin analyses over the years, I can say with confidence that everybody ages differently and that not all wrinkles are created equal. Using a science-based, multi-faceted approach to skin aging will maximize success in our search for healthy, vibrant skin. Here are my top 10 science based skincare tips to ensure you have optimal skin at any age.

1. Practice intelligent exfoliation

Exfoliation is essential to achieve and maintain healthy skin, as it teaches the skin to renew itself faster, much like younger skin. It also boosts skin’s radiance and ensures that anti-aging active ingredients penetrate into the skin and work optimally to improve skin health. Marie’s favorite: Dermaquest Glyco Peptide Cleanser, Dermaquest Algae Polishing Scrub ...


Marie Claire

Marie ClaireJuly 2015

How to battle adult acne featuring DermaQuest’s Stem Cell Rebuilding complex, Zinclear SPF30

New Beauty

New BeautyJuly 2015

Spotlight on DermaQuest’s Stem Cell 3D Body Crème

Beauty Report DermaQuest

Beauty Report DermaQuestby Shauna Ireland on July 7, 2015

Cosmetic science has often taken inspiration from medical breakthroughs (remember Botox?) so it is no surprise that stem cells have found their way into the innovative world of beauty. What are stem cells and how have they come into skincare you ask? Well, plant stem cells contain key components in growth factors that develop new cells and the production of collagen, protein and elastin which are all necessary components to youthful looking skin. Therefore, stem cells are becoming the hottest ticket in the beauty industry as they have found their way into hair care products such as shampoos and of course, face creams and serums.


Ferulic Acid

Continuing the story of Ferulic Acid in skincare...
by Sam Dhatt

The Discovery

I became interested in Ferulic Acid while working with stem cells at my laboratory, Allure Labs. As we researched the benefits of Gardenia Stem Cells, in particular, we realised that in addition to various skin benefits, these plant stem cells contain Ferulic Acid.

Upon finding this, we decided to look further into Ferulic Acid and incorporate it as a single raw material. The results have been incredibly powerful!


Ferulic Acid

Introducing the ingredient that will transform skincare in 2015.by Sam Dhatt

With more than 25 years’ experience formulating cutting-edge blends for the cosmeceutical industry, world respected California-based chemist, Sam Dhatt, discusses the discovery of the most exciting active ingredient currently on the market.

Research & Development

Cosmeceutical companies are continually looking for the next breakthrough ingredient; ...


Stem Cell 3D Complex

Award Winning | Stem Cell 3D ComplexOctober 2014

Stem Cell 3D Complex is the Canadian Beauty Innovator Awards Best Anti-aging Beauty Product.  Download the press release

Plant Stem Cells

Plant Stem Cells | The Next Generation In Skin Care TechnologyOctober 2012 by Sam Dhatt

Since the dawn of time, humans have stumbled upon various natural ways to keep their skin youthful-looking -- even if they didn't know why a certain method worked. Cleopatra's milk baths maintained her beauty, and it is known today that the lactic acid in the milk served as a gentle exfoliant. The ancient people of the Mediterranean and Middle East treated their skin and hair with the olives they cultivated; today it is known that the olive's flavanoid polyphenols are powerful antioxidants. For centuries in Japan, Kabuki...